Course update - February 2016

01 Mar 2016

Posted by: Graham Edwards

Subjects: Course updates

Course Update

Our greenstaff have been very busy over recent months and have now completed all of the turfing on the 2nd, 15th and 18th.  In total they laid around 7,300 sq yards of turf.  The weather has been relatively kind with only a small amount of time lost due to excessively wet conditions.

18th Hole

The turf here has taken very well and I am pleased to say that the area around the green has now been brought into play, with only the bunkers remaining as Ground Under Repair.  Drains have been constructed in the bottom of the bunkers and suface lined ready for the sand which should be added in a week or two.


2nd Hole

The bunkers on the 2nd are finished and whilst the turf is growing in well, the main walk off area from the green and some of the steeper slopes still need a little more time to bed in.  Given reasonable weather we expect the 2nd to be open for play in 3 to 4 weeks.


15th Hole

The turfing on the 15th is complete and the drains in the bunkers finished.  We will be laying "up turned turf" in the base of the bunkers next week as an alternative to the bunker liners to prevent stones coming through the bunker and help maintain a consistent moisture level.  We expect to be adding sand in a couple of weeks.


We remain on schedule to have everything open for the first competition off the Men's Summer Tees, the National Pro Am Medal on 17th April.  With favourable conditions it could be earlier.

Other work

Having finished the turfing, the greenstaff will concentrate on more general maintenance issues and have spiked and fertilized the greens this week.
There is some additional planting of shrubs and semi mature trees on the 6th to complete which we expect will be completed towards the end of March / beginning of April. 
There is some additional planting of shrubs and semi mature trees on the 6th to complete which we expect will be completed towards the end of March / beginning of April. 

Plans for next year

We are currently working on draft plans for next years work, and anticipate being ready to present them to members at a meeting in May. 

Changes to greenstaff team

I am pleased to announce that we are strengthening our greenstaff team with the appointment of Ben Borley as a permanent member of staff.  Ben is a qualified tree surgeon and arborist, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and experience which will help us manage the significant number of trees on and around our course.  Ben will also be trained in other greenstaff duties so as to become a fully skilled member of the team.

This is part of a plan to replace one of our long standing greenstaff, Richard Mitchell, who will be moving to 4 days a week, before retiring in July 2017 when he will be 65. Hence for a period we will have additional resource to not only assist on the work we are doing on the course, but in particular undertake a more structured Tree Management Plan to enhance the beauty of the course.

The Tree Management Plan will involve pruning, shaping and thinning of trees. Once completed the Plan will be added to the Course Policy Document and be available to view by the members. The removal of any trees from strategic positions will remain part of a formal works programme developed by the Greens Committee, in consultation with a Golf Course Architect where necessary, presented to the members each year and approved by the Board.  

I hope you will all join me in welcoming Ben to the Eaton Team and wish him well during his time at the club. 

And finally …

… a plea to all members to do your bit to take care of the course, observing the roped off areas and white lines, repairing your pitchmarks on the greens and where possible replacing your divots. Most importantly though, enjoy your golf.