Course update - July 2015

12 Jul 2015

Posted by: Graham Edwards

Subjects: Course updates

At this time of year, the majority of our greenstaff time is spent mowing and maintaining the course for the playing season.  However we are still making improvements around the course.
Bunker sand and compaction

We have continued to work on the sand compaction in the new bunkers using a whacker plate to compact the sand and introducing new rakes with shorter tines which disturb a shallower depth of sand.  We will be keeping this issue under review over the summer.
Stones in the left greenside bunker on the 13th

ImageThe left hand greenside bunker on the 13th has caused problems for many years with large amounts of flints and other stones continually emerging from its face. 

Despite removing barrow loads of stones by hand each year, the problem just keeps coming back. Hence we have installed a liner, similar to those used in all of last winter's new bunkers.  Hopefully this will now have solved the problem.

Path work continues

The path from the 13th tee to the 14th tee was carved out over the winter and has now had crushed concrete added. This needs to be allowed to settle and harden.

Ultimately the plan is to finish it with astro turf, but we have found that the foundation layer of crushed concrete, when hardened, is fairly durable.  For example the path to the left of the 15th.

We are grateful to everyone who keeps to the paths as much as possible as this reduces the wear from foot and trolley traffic on the grass areas which are in play.
Reshaping of the 6th and 10th fairways

We continue to make subtle changes to the 6th and 10th fairways following their redesigns last year.  I think the long wispy  grass coming further in on the left of the 6th provides an interesting alternative hazard, encourage golfers to stay right..
Winter Work Programme

In May we presented the draft Winter Work Programme which had been created by the Greens Committee pulling together suggestions from the membership and advice from the Course Architect.

Following the presentation to members we had a period for feedback and reflection before the Greens Committee finalised the plan and put it to the Board for approval.  I am pleased to say that this plan has now been approved by the Board and we expect the main work to start in late October.  This earlier start compared to last year should assist in getting the turf down and bedded in and give the sand in the bunkers more time to compact before being brought into play.

The plans have not changed significantly from those presented, but a copy of the final plan can be downloaded below and is also on display in the clubhouse.

Click here to download a copy of the Winter Work Programme for 2015/16

Practice Ground

Additional bays to the side of the sheds have been completed and we are awaiting delivery of the mats.  The clearance of the trees in front of these has opened up the area and created much more usable practice space which we believe can be further developed as a short game area.  You will note that this is the most significant change from the draft plan in this years' Winter Programme.
Temporary Green on the 4th

You may have noticed that an area just beyond the fairway bunker on the 4th has been marked out and is now GUR.  This is for use as a temporary green when the 2nd hole is closed for refurbishment.  Please take a free drop and avoid playing from and walking over this area if possible.  We will be scarifying, seeding, top dressing and tining this area over the coming months to improve its quality as much as possible before it comes in to use as a temporary green.

Please repair your pitchmarks

ImageDid you know that the average number of ball marks made on greens per round is 8 per golfer?  Assuming 130 rounds are played each day, that's 1,040 impressions a day, 31,000 per month and 374,400 per year.  We all want our putts to roll out smoothly - please help out.

A pitchmark that is repaired correctly will recover in 24 hours.  A pitchmark left unrepaired for 2 hours will take 56 days to recover - they can also foster disease and infections in the green.

And finally …

We are all very lucky to enjoy such a beautiful course, so please make every effort not to leave behind any litter.  Please use the bins provided around the course or just put it in your golf bag.  Your assistance in keeping our wonderful course tidy is much appreciated.