Course Update - October 2018

25 Oct 2018

Posted by: Sarah Cross

Subjects: Course updates

The recent weather has been favourable towards the recovery of the course, although there are still many areas of concern.

The Winter Works programme will be affected by the team’s staff shortages, but this is in hand with interviews currently taking place. There is no doubt that certain tasks on and off the course aren’t receiving the attention they should be, but I can assure everyone, that myself and the rest of the Greens Team are working to the best of our ability. I’d like to thank the member volunteers for assisting us with the recent renovation works to the greens and aprons. This was a great help. The post and ropes for directing traffic around the course will be put out over the next few weeks. Due to some areas having suffered more than others from the recent weather, some of the ropes will have to be placed much wider than normal to aid recovery.


The greens have recovered well from the hollow coring and I believe they are now in good shape for the time of year. The bent grass sown during the renovation has come through well and the surfaces are looking healthy following an application of Apex organic fertiliser.


We have now applied the first of our preventative fungicide treatments. There are now no curative fungicides available so preventative/turf hardener packs will be applied on a monthly basis to keep any fusarium attacks to a minimum. Next week we will be applying the first of our monthly penetrants. These work by assisting moisture penetration through the greens to keep them as dry as possible and also assisting the fungicides with disease management. Applications of sulphate of iron will also be applied to harden the turf and deter worm casts. We will be trialling some products against worm castings over the coming months and I will keep you updated on their progress.


The greens surrounds have suffered this summer.  We have hollow cored, sand dressed and over-seeded using both fine rye and fescue seed mixes that have now started to come through. We have also applied polypro slow release fertiliser to encourage the weaker areas and the new seedlings to thicken and speed up recovery.



The fairways have now been over-seeded. There are some, namely 1st, 8th and 10th fairways that will be receiving a second pass to help with recovery with others being spot treated. An application of 29-0-0 liquid fertiliser will be applied to speed up their progress before the winter sets in. Once the grass has established, we will apply sulphate of iron applications to harden the sward and deter worm castings.  


Winter Works

This will be much the same as last winter with tree canopies and crowding being addressed. Some planting to the rear of the 2nd Tee and the surround of the 3rd Tee will take place with 40m2 of heather/low growing gorse. Whilst there is some recovery around bunker banks, I’m sure some turfing will be required, but it’s too early to tell at present how much and for budgetary reasons I’m keen to give these areas time to progress. Edging of paths will take place once the cutting workload reduces. Sand replacement of 29 tonnes will be ongoing through the winter months.



Rob Ransome

Course Manager