Course Updates - July 2017

01 Jul 2017

Posted by: Chris Cooper

Subjects: Course updates

Now that we are well into the playing season members will appreciate that there is no radical work planned for the next month.  Work will concentrate on maintaining playing surfaces in the best possible condition notwithstanding the lack of rain.



The cut on the greens will be maintained at 3.5 mm and the works programme will involve light scarification to remove procumbent (lateral) growth.  We will also shortly be conducting a test of the ATT Turf Management System.  This involves a range of smart cassettes for various applications which will fit into our existing mowers.  We will be looking particularly at the ultra grooming module which works to remove procumbent growth and firm the green surface with a vibrating roller.  This should speed up the greens and the test will include before and after stimp meter readings.

Image Image
Ultra Groomer

Vibrating Roller



The plastic liners have now been removed from both fairway bunkers on the 10th hole.  There has been some inconsistency in the depth of sand in our bunkers and during this month all bunkers will be tested and topped up where necessary.  So far we have used 20 tons of sand on 7 bunkers.



Members have been concerned about the condition of the new turf around the 14th green. This is being addressed by the use of seep hoses. The staff have also renewed the sprinkler system on part of the 14th green which will allow water to spray on to the top edges of the front two greenside bunkers. Further work on the sprinkler system is underway.


11th Tee

Limestone has been laid on the path adjacent to all 3 tees on the 11th hole.


A drain will be dug at the top of this path to prevent rain washing the limestone away.



Members have commented about the heavy growth of clover particularly on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6thand 17th holes. The first part of the spraying programme was carried out in mid June and will be repeated whenever the weather is suitable.


Richard Mitchell


Richard (far right on the photo above from cc 1986) will retire on 13th July after 43 years service on the greenstaff at Eaton. The photo below again shows a youthful Richard working on the bunker on our 2nd hole before it was sleepered in 1983.


Most recently, Richard has done an excellent job laying the oak sleepers at the sides of the 11thand 14th tees. Richard has been a stalwart member of the team throughout his service at Eaton and we wish him a long and happy retirement.


Chris Cooper & Steve Freestone