Course Updates - June 2017

01 Jun 2017

Posted by: Chris Cooper

Subjects: Course updates

The recent warm weather and very welcome rain have promoted rapid growth and the work planned for June will concentrate on getting all playing areas of the course into top condition.



The greens have recovered well from the deep scarification and with the warm weather the grass is now growing rapidly. Greens are being cut daily and the cut height has been reduced to 3.5mm. However, the speed of growth is such that the greens will be noticeably quicker in the mornings. The intention is to aerate the greens with pencil tines which will promote healthier growth.  This is not a radically invasive technique and the holes, which are only a few millimetres in diameter should disappear within a few days.  This will be followed by the application of a wetting agent to encourage water absorption and another application of fertiliser later in the month.



The black liner has been removed from the front bunker on the 2nd which leaves just the two bunkers on the 10th hole and the liners will be removed from them this month.


To improve the condition of the aprons they are now being treated the same as greens and will be scarified, spiked, top dressed, seeded and fed this month.


The fairways have been scarified and over-seeded.  They were also sprayed 2 weeks ago with a seaweed based fertilizer to aid colour and root development. The current cut of 18mm will be maintained with the rough cut to 2 inches.



Whilst we had the equipment on site we took the opportunity to overseed most of the tees.  Work is continuing on the 11th tee. Oak sleepers have been laid to form the edge of the tee and the sprinklers are being repositioned, hence the earthwork in progress.  Once finished we will move on to the 14th tee. 


Old Oak Tree

You may have noticed that one of our older oak trees, behind the first, and to the left of the 3rd fairway has fallen down. This tree, which our environmental expert had estimated to be over 300 years old, was dead and covered in ivy but had been left in line with hos recommendation as it provided an excellent wildlife habitat.  We plan to clear the part of the tree which is protruding into the rough but leave the remainder in the tree line where it can remain as a habitat for wildlife.


Chris Cooper