Course Updates - May 2017

01 May 2017

Posted by: Chris Cooper

Subjects: Course updates

Now that we are slowly emerging from winter and the grass is growing the emphasis will change from work on the structural changes to the course to getting the playing surfaces into top condition.   Key areas of work for the month ahead are as follows:


It is now a month since the greens were deep scarified and they have now been treated with fertilizer. The cut has been reduced by half a millimeter and if there is no further frost the cut will come down a further half millimeter. A wetting agent has also been applied to help the greens retain moisture and this process will be repeated at monthly intervals. 

To keep the greens in the best possible condition please repair all pitchmarks. 


This YouTube video is also very informative.



The black plastic liners have been removed from all bunkers with the exception of the two on the 10thand the front bunker on the 2nd. These will be removed as soon as possible.  The new bunkers on the 14th are being filled with sand as I write and will be then be in play. 


Would members please note that the new rakes in the bunkers on the 14th and 15th holes require the correct technique to prevent ruts forming in the sand. Please do not pull the rake towards you with one hand. The rake should be held in both hands and the sand pushed away from the body.  

The correct technique can be seen on this YouTube video.


Course Facilities.    

New flagsticks, flags and cups are now in place.  Please note that the new flagstick has a lock. On replacing the flag please give the stick a slight twist to engage the lock. This will prevent the flags from falling over in windy conditions.  The new Black and White tee markers are now in place.


Cutting Fairways and Rough.      

The fairways are currently being cut to 20mm.  This will be gradually reduced in accordance with rainfall and the health of the grass. The rough will be cut to a depth of 2 inches in all areas including tee banks.


Tree Stumps.          

The various tree stumps around the course have now been ground down. The next step is to clear up the chippings and fill the holes with soil and seed.  Weed killing around the base of all trees in now underway.


Ball Washers.         

The new ball washers are now all out on the course.  The broken post on the 5th tee will be replaced shortly.


Chris Cooper