Course Updates - May 2018

31 May 2018

Posted by: Sarah Cross

Subjects: Course updates

The greens have recovered well from their renovation. We applied around 16 tonnes of sand, together with a mix of bent/fescue grass seed. The seed sown at the time is now coming through. We applied another sand dressing of around 8 tonnes shortly after to true the surfaces up. A wetting agent has been applied to help maintain moisture in the recent dry spell with another application due in two weeks. We have now lowered the height of cut on the greens to 3.5mm and applied two passes with our groomers to help remove any lateral growth. This will be done as and when required through the season. Feedback from the members has been encouraging. We will continue to overseed using bent grass through the summer and regular light sand dressings, working in conjunction with most aeration operations.

The tee boxes have had their base fertiliser application, but I have delayed the application of our programmed convert slow release due to the dry weather, a flush of growth and watering issues. The irrigation has now been repaired to these areas and the spring flush has now calmed down allowing us to now get the convert applied.

The fairways and initial semi rough have now been treated with a selective herbicide, this will take a couple of weeks for the weeds to die back. The weed removal will help the grass to flourish in some of the weaker areas, be more aesthetically pleasing and reduce lost balls amongst the clover in the semi rough. Although the fairways have been cut shorter in previous years, I feel it will be better to keep the height at 19mm for now and increase cutting for consistency.


The spraying of the tree bases has now been completed. The bunkers edges and banks have been tidied. The pathways and steps have also now been cleared and sprayed with a total herbicide.

A new Toro GM4500 rough cutter is being delivered Tuesday 22 May. This will improve productivity and quality of cut on the semi rough. The loader attachment for the Kubota tractor will be arriving shortly so I would hope to see this operational in the next two weeks.


The new practice nets are now completed. There is some work needed to tidy this area so some roping off to give the grass a chance to grow and thicken will be required.


The working party day went very well with the work behind the 16th green. We have now started to fill the ditch and the out of bounds markers are now in place. I would hope to have the soil shaped and seeded over the next few weeks.


Rob Ransome

Course Manager

Eaton Golf Club