Course Updates - November 2017

01 Nov 2017

Posted by: Chris Cooper

Subjects: Course updates

The team is working well. We have implemented changes in cutting patterns for fairways, semi rough and overall practices have been made i.e. a new flag system (red = front, yellow = middle, white = back), new approach to cutting greens, maintenance of holes and raking bunkers. We have widened some of the green surrounds, with plans to do more next spring.

Greens have settled down well since the renovation with a very good take from the over seeding. I have reduced the soil input to a 90/10 dressing mix compared to the usual 80/20 mix used in the past. The plan is to move over to straight sands next year.

Tee boxes have been treated with polypro slow release fertiliser, drilled with R9 fine rye grass seed and top dressed. We have used the same 90/10 dressing as we used on the greens to aid surface drainage, although this will take time to become beneficial. The drill lines of new grass are now evident on most tees.


All Aprons and some surrounds that are showing traffic pressure will be fertilised with poly pro and also any old stock that we need to get used up.

Fairways are now being drilled with a mix of fescue and fine rye grass seed mix. This will help in the future with winter wear and the overall presentation of these areas. Aprons, weak areas of carryies and walk off areas will also be treated. Fairways will be sprayed with sulphate of iron to deter worm casting and the height of cut will be raised to 19mm. One of the main issues with golf courses at the moment is the loss of carbendazim which was used for worm cast removal. We will be testing products as they come to the market, but there will be a rise in costs.


Greens, Tee boxes and aprons will be aerated over the coming weeks to aid drainage and encourage deeper rooting.

Most of the paths have now been tidied and we will be getting to the rest in due course.

The edging of bunkers will start this week and a mechanical bunker edger has been purchased to assist with the task although it can’t be used with the deeper revetments.

Tree works

Through the winter months we will be raising the tree canopies to a height of 2.5 – 3 metres. This will help with routine rough cutting and playability. Whilst this work is being carried out each tree will be assessed with regards to health and crowding. The removal of a number of trees will most certainly be required.



The machinery shed, chemical store and Handy Man’s area have now been cleared out. Some new hand tools have been purchased and the work shop is now being assessed with regards to tools required and their storage.


Recent machinery purchases

The Trilo S3 is now well under way in its use for leaf collection although patience will be required due to the fact that we can’t be everywhere at once. Priority will be given to areas that collect large amounts of leaves, for example the RHS of 5th hole. The ATT turf groomers and the vibrating rollers have been used with good feedback. The smoothness created by the rollers has been very encouraging. A new CDA sprayer has been purchased. This is due to our old one breaking and is needed to spray the paths before winter.



Over the last few weeks we have been looking at future machinery replacements. We have looked at tees, fairways and semi rough mowers. We are due to have a new fairway aerator installed on 6th November and we will also be demonstrating walk behind mowers for use on greens from November to end of March.

Staff training

After speaking to the team, I have discovered some training requirements.The whole team (me excluded) require brush cutter training – this would allow us to use blades to take down bramble and bracken.

Steve and Richard require chemical spraying certificates Pa1, Pa2 and Pa6

James (to assist Ben with tree work) requires Arboriculture – Tree climbing/Aerial rescue.

New yellow tee markers.

The new winter yellow tee markers are now in operation. These were kindly donated by the Vets’ section and our grateful thanks go to them.


Rob Ransome
Course Manager
Eaton Golf Club