START DATE 10th March 2016

10 Mar 2016

Posted by: Gavin Sargent

Subjects: Captains blog

I write this latest instalment of self-indulgence in a state of some confusion, as I could swear it looks like the sun is shining outside. Somewhere in the darkest recesses of my memory banks I am sure spring is normally due around this time of year, so hopefully winter's Fat Lady is finally singing and we can all get on with some temperate golf (those who've seen me play may well realise the deliberate double-meaning there).

We were enormously honoured this week to welcome back The Joe Burroughs All-Stars to our clubhouse. Faced with the daunting opposition of surely Norfolk's premier collection of darts talent, the minnows that are the Eaton Destroyers stood up to the challenge with a barrage of maximums and checkouts, helped not insubstantially by the curious eyesight of Steve, our M.C. for the evening. ImageRegardless, I counted 3 victories for our team, including a confidence-boosting double-17 finish from the Two Jameses, a slightly curious double to leave themselves but concluded with indisputable panache.

Joe wore a shirt that truly competes with my golf trousers for attention-seeking, a great time was had by all, and we raised a three-figure sum for Nelson's Journey, so congratulations to everyone involved.

It's been another busy few days prepping and planning – from being interviewed on camera by England Golf for our Steward of the Year's Big Presentation next month (it's amazing how many times you um and ah when you're trying really hard not to), to forgetting to turn up to my own Social Committee Meeting (not a good sign!), to following up with our friends at BMW to get the Hole-in-One car in place for Charity Day. ImageYou may spot me spending quite a lot of time playing off that tee in preparation over the next few weeks!

I've also been very privileged to spend some time seeing the Macmillan Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn. I thought it was important to do this to see how money we raise might be spent, and it was a very humbling and thought-provoking visit. As someone who has spent most of his working days getting FAR too stressed out figuring how to get more bras and knickers manufactured in the Far East, it takes your breath away how the special people working for Macmillan cope with what their working days throw at them. ImageThey are so reliant on their 30 or so volunteers, some who have suffered bereavements yet feel so attached to the team that they want to give support back – dealing with reception duties, or acting as runners to the pharmacies or delivering blood samples. Obviously every penny counts when a single drip pump costs upwards of £4,500, and even finding money for the new heater over the reception door to make the waiting area tolerable, or to fund the HOPE programme to support people who've recovered from cancer, yet alone the cost of treatment and nursing is daunting. Whilst the BMW offer is exciting and fun, if there's anything any one of you can help with, or offer as an auction lot for example, I'd be forever grateful!

The picture of our visit by the way shows Vicky Mitchell who works for Macmillan at King's Lynn, together with Shaun Campbell, who's the

Fundraising Manager for Norfolk, and who will be with us on Friday May 20th. I'm trying to persuade him to dust off his clubs and get a game in with me soon!

That's it for now – hopefully there'll finally be some golf photos in the next blog when the season will be well and truly underway!