START DATE 18th September 2016

18 Sep 2016

Posted by: Gavin Sargent

Subjects: Captains blog

Hello again Blogwatchers, I know you've all been on tenterhooks as to how our boys got on in the Cullington Final today. Well I've hotfooted it back from the afterparty and I'm genuinely gutted to report we lost out to Dunston Hall by one hole. It was a long and predominantly cloudy day, and with plenty of walks in between tees on the remodelled course at Costessey Park, our team's Fitbits will have been going bonkers with all the sweat and effort they all put in. I'm so proud of the whole squad throughout their cup run, it's been an immense effort and there was only a hair's breadth in it in the end. Dunston Hall were the holders and their Final victory last year over Thetford was concluded with holes to spare so we've run them far closer than anyone else in the last two years. I won't single anyone out as they've been a proper team, other than to thank and congratulate Dave Thomas for skippering them so well throughout the summer, and also to thank the crowd from Eaton who came along to watch, your attendance was much appreciated by the lads. There are some pretty scary holes at Costessey Park to be taking on in front of an audience such as the 9th here with David Rush on the tee, so hats off to all for their skill and commitment – it was a brilliant humdinging Final to watch (if clearly entirely the wrong result!)


Taking up from where I left off at the end of my last rant, Monday 5th saw a thoroughly enjoyable day over at Thetford playing for my school alumni (as a shirker rather than scholar in my case) along with David Bussey amongst others. Not much to say about the golf or my school's performance, but it's always a pleasure to play another good track and my birdie on the 8th will remain with me longer than the rest of the rubbish I put together! Golf being golf though I came out of the blocks far better the following day, albeit partnering Mark Allen again given he doesn't half make it easy for me at times. This time we were taking on Phil Defoe and the twitching moustache of Ted Evans, potentially a dangerous pairing but on the day unable to keep up with Mark who could easily have eagled all of the par 5s, and yours truly dovetailing in when necessary. Still, great company once again and Mark and I now stand 3-3 against all challengers with 4 matches left to squeeze in before the tees go forward.

A couple of days later I thought I'd treat myself to a day out in blazing sunshine up at Sheringham to watch Mark, Tom Clements, George Morris, Nic Sperrin and Mark Eglington who were all playing in the NCGU Open & Professional Championships. It was a tough day with a frisky breeze and scoring was a bit on the high side – in fact Mike Devlin was bemoaning there'd been no point in buying a red marker pen for minus figures on the scoreboard in the morning. We had some fun on the 16th as the tee had been brought forward enough to make the hole a driveable par 4. Whilst some golf balls went whizzing past our ears into trouble, Tom Clements hit a fantastic drive to within 15 feet or so and only narrowly missed for eagle. A great round in the afternoon of 70 wasn't quite enough for Tom and congratulations go to the overall winner Ian Ellis for a great day's work and triumph. Here's Mark Allen on the 12th tee launching one into the far distance, a real pleasure to watch him and all the challengers on a glorious day.


Saturday 10th September saw a return to social evenings as the nights begin to draw in again, and an opportunity for everyone to own shares in a racehorse even if only metaphorically. David “Teddy” and Frances Taylor were kind enough to celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary by running Race Night for me, along with our Club Auctioneer Keith Cross and his lovely wife Sarah. We were treated to 8 random races with stakes naturally increasing as the drink started to flow. Ron McDonald was the big cash winner of the night, with an uncanny ability to pick a winner despite not being able to see any of them in the paddock beforehand. Not that it ever seems to help me much whenever I've been on a day out to the races, all horses look much the same to me. A great night was had by all and huge thanks again to the fabulous four who ran it all so successfully. And I agree, Teddy and Frances don't look remotely old enough to have been married for so long, but I'm assured theirs was an entirely legal teenage wedding!


On Monday 12th with the diary bulging at the seams I was drafted in by Terry Hewitt to play for the Society of Norfolk Golf Captains against the County Lady Vets at Royal Norwich. The team selection had given me the honour of partnering our Impending Quizmaster Richard Ong against two ladies from Royal Cromer, Anne Horne and Sharon Yewson. As it happens Sharon was the lady in multicoloured attire on Lady Invitation Day who I so beligerently criticised for sharing the same colour blindless as me, so it was a relief to find she was great company as was her partner and we had a tight match, though our poor start never allowed us to catch them up and we were defeated 2&1 despite Richard slamming in this mid-range putt on the par 3 12th. We took great honour from our defeat however, as we were the only SNGC representatives who'd shown sufficient courtesy to encourage the ladies to win in a 5-1 victory, shame on the rest of them.


So off to Woodhall Spa for me tomorrow then, hopefully to enjoy a 3-day break with Mark Allen and 8 fellow Eatoners, I say hopefully given my back hasn't worked all week. Must go and see my Personal Trainer about it ASAP!