Update on our Winter Work Programme

12 Sep 2015

Posted by: Graham Edwards

Subjects: Course updates

The last two weeks have seen major changes to the 2nd, 15th and 18th holes in line with the architects plans and the published Winter Works Programme.  Our contractor has finished and we are extremely pleased with the quality and quantity of his work.  Our focus now is to lay the new turf and complete the new bunkers whilst balancing the on going maintenance needs of the course.
2nd Hole
A path has been constructed from the tee all the way to the green and the area all around the green landscaped removing the poor quality top soil and replacing it with high quality soil which should allow the new turf to grow well.  Both bunkers have been remodelled.


15th Hole

  • The 15th tee has been stripped, squared off and laser levelled.  In addition the fairway bunker on the right has been reshaped making it narrower but longer and now awaits any wayward tee shots at around 195 to 210 from the whites or 165 to 180 from the reds. 
  • All removed turf was saved to use in the revetting of the new bunkers.

Image Image

  • An additional fairway bunker has been created on the left at 230 to 240 from the whites and 200 to 210 from the reds. 
  • The greenside bunkers have been rebuilt with the left hand one tucking in closer to the green.

Image Image

18th hole

  • The fairway bunker on left 20 yards short of the green which was partially in the tree line has been removed and replaced with one on the right - awaiting a poorly struck approach or an inaccurate lay up.
  • The greenside bunkers have been tucked in narrowing the approach which was considered too wide, but still leaving 22 yards.
  • The gully between the green and the 10th tee, which was difficult to mow  effectively, has been filled in and resculptured along with the back and right of the green.


  • The new fairway bunker on the right side of the 18th fairway, looking towards the green and clubhouse. The remodelled greenside bunker on the left of the 18th green.
  • You may have noticed we are using larger wider rolls of turf this year which, for larger areas, are quicker to lay, create less joints and are more economical.  The new tractor we bought earlier in the year allows us to handle these larger rolls of turf effectively.
  • Before laying the turf the soil is raked thoroughly, removing larger stones, roots and other debris.  A slow release fertilizer is added to give the newly laid turf a boost, before the ground is finally tilled ready to take the turf.


  • Transporting the large rolls of turf out to the 2nd hole Our greenstaff laying the rolls of turf on the newly contoured area on the right hand side of the 2nd hole
Other changes
  • Whilst working on the 18th we took the opportunity to partially fill the dip in front of the 1st tee with good top soil to improve the grass in this area which has historically been thin, partially because of the concentration of traffic, but also because of the poor quality soil. 
  • A new path has been created on the left up to the 7th green.  This is intended to take traffic away from the area short left of the green between the bunker and the trees which was prone to wear and could give poor lies to those who had landed slightly short of the green.
  • We have also cleared some small trees and undergrowth to the right of the 6th fairway by the old chalk pit.  The fence has been temporarily removed, so please be especially careful in this area until it is replaced.

And finally …

We realise that this amount of course work causes some disruption for our members and guests, but hopefully most would agree that this is well worth it for the quality of the improvements we are enjoying.  Whilst the work continues we thank you for your patience and ask that you keep off the exposed soil areas and newly laid turf to allow it time to establish.

Remember all areas of unusual damage together with the areas of bunker shaping work completed by the contractor and areas of new turf laid are deemed Ground Under Repair from which play is prohibited.  You should take relief under Rule 25-1 - basically a free drop at the nearest point of relief, no closer to the hole.