The Clubhouse

Food is available in the Clubhouse from 10am - 4pm every day and until 5pm on a Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you. 


Forthcoming CARVERY dates

Sunday 26th November

Sunday 17th November - Family Christmas Carvery



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Forthcoming FISH & CHIP evenings

Come along and enjoy our popular Friday Fish & Chip evenings. Book in advance as they fill up quickly.

Friday 10th November

Friday 1st December

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Great Fish & Chips!

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Forthcoming Steak Nights

Why not have an early evening game of golf and book in advance for a steak meal when you come in.

Steak nights commence on Wednesday 3rd May and every Wednesday thereafter - please book in advance at the bar.

Served 5pm - 8pm - 6oz sirloin or 8oz rump with all the trimmings - £9.95 per head.



Please note that all the above dates maybe subject to change


Breakfast Menu  

All Day Breakfast

Two sausages, two bacon rashers, egg, toast, tomato, mushrooms and beans


Beans on Toast

Two rounds


Toast & Marmalade or Jam

Two rounds


Breakfast Bap

Bacon sausage, egg and tomato


Bacon Sandwich

Crispy Bacon


Eggs As You Like Them

Scrambled, poached or fried on toast


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Side Orders  

Bowl of Chips


Chips with Cheese


Cheese Chips with Beans


Toasted Tea Cake (with butter and jam)


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Golf Club Favourites  

Ham, Egg & Chips.

A golf club classic, a generous serving of home cooked roasted ham, two eggs and thick cut chips


Homemade Chilli

Served with rice or fries and garnish


Breaded Scampi

Whole tail scampi served with fries, peas, garnish, lemon and tartare sauce


Eaton ¼ lb Burger

100% beef burger topped with bacon, cheese and tomato in a toasted bun with fries



Ham and cheese with a warm baguette, pickles and garnish


Homemade Soup

A bowl of our chef’s homemade soup served with a crusty roll




Jacket Potatoes

A baked potato served with a generous garnish


Cheddar Cheese & Baked Beans


Chicken, Bacon & Mayonnaise


Cheddar Cheese & Bacon


Tuna Mayonnaise




Omelette, Chips & Salad

Three eggs with your choice of cheese, mushrooms, ham, bacon or tomato, served with chips and salad




Salad Bowls

Choose two from a choice of fillings:-

Ham, Cheese, Bacon pieces, Egg Mayo, Chicken, Prawns or Tuna


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Perfect for those who want a slightly heavier snack but don’t fancy one of our Golf Club Favourites

All our Club Sandwiches are crammed between three slices of bread with a layer of crispy lettuce, tomato and a light mayonnaise.  All these dishes come with our Chef’s daily side salad and a few fries


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Light Snacks  

Sandwich / Baguette

All served with Salad Garnish


Chicken Mayo




Prawns & Marie Rose






Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato


Note:  Baguettes 60p extra





A fantastic quick bite to eat before or after you play golf and served on either white or brown, a perfect comfort food


Ham & Cheese


Bacon & Cheese


Tuna & Cheese




Cheese, Tomato & Onion





Toasted baguettes all served with salad garnish and a few fries


Tuna, topped with melted cheese


Sausages & fried onion, topped with melted cheese


Crispy bacon & tomato topped with melted cheese


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Pot of tea for one


Pot of tea for two


Pot of tea for three




Speciality Teas


Earl Grey


Selection of Fruit Teas






Cup of coffee


Pot of coffee for one


Pot of coffee for two





Made from a blend of the finest Arabica beans with a touch Robusta for extra body



A shot of rich espresso perfectly blended with milk, delivering a creamy velvety perfectly frothed cappuccino



A smooth blend of expresso coffee poured gently into thick hot steamed milk, creating gorgeous layers


Hot Chocolate

A rich indulgent, creamy chocolate delicacy made with real cocoa folded with steamed milk


Mocha Latte

Expresso mixed with skimmed milk and rich chocolate liquid luxury



Expresso based coffee topped up with hot water


Double Expresso

Made from a blend of the finest Arabica beans with a touch of Robusta for extra body


Liqueur Coffees

Irish Coffee with Jamesons Whiskey

Parisienne Coffee with Courvoisier Cognac

Italian Classico with Disaronno Amaretto

Baileys Liqueur Coffee with Baileys Irish Cream

Russian Coffee with Vodka

Calypso Coffee with Tia Maria

Jamaican Coffee with Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum


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