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2nd-hole.jpg Founded in 1910, the course is one of the finest in the region and is an oasis of beauty and tranquillity located just a mile from the centre of Norwich.

The course was designed by JH Taylor, four times Open Champion, and is a challenging test for golfers of all abilities.  It is an attractive parkland course, extensively tree-lined and it demands accurate and intelligent shots, especially off the tees.

There is an interesting mix of tempting par 5s which may be reachable in two for the longer hitters, moderate length par 3s which require a precise shot if you are to score well, and a mix of long and short par 4s where some thought on the tee is generally rewarded.

The course measures 6,118 yards (par 70) for men, and 5,562 yards (par 72) for ladies.

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Greenstaff Blog - April 2017

Greens.  The spiking of all greens and aprons has now been completed and the areas treated with sulphate of iron. The next stage of work commences on 27th March. We have hired the Sand Slitter for a week and this will be used for the deep scarification, top dressing and over seeding of all the greens.  Time permitting, the aprons and tees will be similarly treated. Clearly, there will be some inconvenience to members who will be taken off the specific greens/tees while the work is completed.  Please be patient and give the staff due consideration. It is in everyone’s interest that the greens are fully prepared for the season.


Ball Washers Five new ball washers have been ordered and are due in shortly.  These will replace the worst of the existing washers. The remaining washers will be thoroughly cleaned and regularly replenished and serviced.

Bunkers.  The Black plastic linings trialled on 10 bunkers have not proved to be successful. Four have been removed to date and the remaining 6 will be removed as time allows.  The new bunkers on the 14th hole have been lined with reversed turf; this should reduce the incidence of stones coming through.


Storm damage.  Storm Doris caused damage to several trees around the course and there is a health and safety issue with some trees to the right of the 11th hole. We have therefore hired in a cherry picker so that the damaged trees can be made safe. Although this work is essential it has diverted staff from the work on the 14th, which will now be completed as soon as possible.


Cutting.  Now that we are in the growing season, cutting of the rough will commence during April. This work will also entail clearing twig and other debris.


Environmental Matters.  I know that many members take a keen interest in the course environment particularly our splendid trees.  The recent environmental survey identified the oldest tree on the course as the major Oak to the left of the 16th tee, which was estimated to be some 360 to 400 years old.


Recycling Bins.  As a further contribution to environmental protection, we will be putting in 2 new blue recycling bins. These will be for cans and bottles and will be sited by the 2nd and 11th tees.

Chris Cooper




Greenstaff Blog - March 2017

As our weather slowly warms up there will be a lot of activity on the course as we prepare for the forthcoming golf season.  The aim of this blog, which will be updated monthly, is to inform members of planned green staff activity so they are better informed as to what is going on and also appreciate why and when there will be some impact on their enjoyment of the course. While we will aim to be as accurate as possible with timings the vagaries of our weather will inevitably lead to some rescheduling of tasks as appropriate.

The fairways had their first cut last week to 22 millimeters and the greens will now be cut twice a week. 

From the beginning of March spiking of all greens and aprons will commence as will the application of fertilizer.  All tees will be treated with sulphate of iron this week then scarified.  Following work on the tees, all greens and aprons will be similarly treated.

We will take delivery of our new sprayer in mid March and spraying of fairways will start in late march.  The new sprayer will cover 4 times the area of the old 200-litre sprayer thus reducing refilling stops and improving efficiency. On 27th March we will hire in a Sand Slitter machine for a week; this will be used for the deep scarification of the greens. The machine works by taking out the thatch while simultaneously adding a sand and seed mix.

Everyone is aware of the problems we have with fallen leaves every autumn and the impact they have on play. Some members will have noticed that we were undertaking a trial of a new leaf vacuum sweeper/collector last week as a possible replacement for our 15-year-old machine. The new machine performed extremely well and the Board will now consider the options. 

Leaf collector 3.JPG

Leaf collector 1.JPG

Leaf collector 4.JPG

Whatever, the outcome of this particular trial, we are committed to improving the collection of leaves next autumn.

Finally, the staff are aware of members concerns over the state of the ball washers and the need to disinfect them on a regular basis. Some of our washers are in a very poor condition and we are looking at options for replacements.

Chris Cooper



Coming Soon...

  • 25 Apr - Friendly 3's
  • 25 Apr - County Event: Hodds Salver Final
  • 26 Apr - Match: Vets v Kings Lynn
  • 26 Apr - County Event: Barnard Trophy 1st round
  • 28 Apr - Match: Eaton 1 v Eaton 2